According to the customer's requirements on output and granularity, we recommend YG1349EW8 and Y3S2160HP220 (EC) two mobile stations. The main equipment of the European version of the jaw breaking and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone breaking are the company's leading products. It is our mission to have excellent performance, strong processing capacity, and even particle size of the finished product.

live situation:

The engineers configured YG1349EW8 and Y3S2160HP220 (EC) mobile stations for customers. After the large stone material enters the silo, it enters the PEW860 European version of the jaw breaking through the GZD1300 × 4900 vibrating feeder and is crushed for the first time. Afterwards, the stone material is sent to the HPT300 hydraulic cone crusher by the belt conveyor. Go to 3YZS2160 vibrating sieve for sieving and sieving out the finished material.

Customer Reviews:

Since commissioning, both mobile stations have been very stable and the operating system is relatively easy to master. The feature that the mobile station can quickly reach the work site has saved us a lot of installation costs; the automated operating system has reduced labor wages and greatly increased our profit margins.